A coach who helps inspiring individuals develop their full potential and realize their most daring visions. A writer. An entrepreneur and advocate of entrepreneurship with positive social impact.

Coaching for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

In 2013, I founded MAQTOOB, an online platform to discover and review business apps. So far, I have handpicked and curated 3,500+ software tools to help entrepreneurs grow with the help of technology.

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Since 2014, my team and I have been running the SCHOOL OF DIGITAL SKILLS whose aim is to show future leaders in developing and emerging countries that sustainable innovation is possible even with limited resources.

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Some of my writing pieces went viral with 5+ million views altogether and were published in TIME, Observer, Business Insider, The Next Web and many others. In spring 2016, I started an online publication for entrepreneurs.



As a coach, I work with ambitious professionals who wish to use their leadership potential to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, social change, management, or innovation.

Coaching for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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