Do you accept new clients?

Yes, but you’ll probably need to wait a few weeks to book the first session. Send me a message at to learn about my current availability.

If we decide to work together, you will be expected to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit (in case of cancellation on your end) to book your spot.

How much does it cost to have you as my coach?

The minimum time investment for transformational coaching is 12 weekly 2-hour sessions (online video calls).

The price is 5,000 USD if paid in full. If you wish to pay monthly, then the price would be 3 times 2,000 USD.

For face-to-face sessions or sessions outside of regular office hours, the fees may be higher. I will offer you a custom package based on your needs and requirements.

Please note that after each session, you will also receive a 1 to 4-page follow-up document, prepared by me personally, outlining the major points and insights of our coaching conversation, as well as resources for your further professional and personal growth. You can use this material for your individual work throughout the rest of the week.

My job is to be a guide and a reliable partner on your side, therefore all packages include a full email and text message support in between the sessions.

How can I pay you?

You will get an online invoice with the option to pay with your debit/credit card. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal.

Why do you offer coaching through video calls?

There are several reasons:

  • Most of my clients travel a lot.

  • Almost all my clients have very tight schedules.

  • Some of my clients are based in countries or regions of the world with limited access to high-quality opportunities for personal development.

  • Some of my high-profile clients strongly prefer the privacy of their own space.

Travel is an integral part of my professional life as well. Even though my company is based in London, I've been on the road since 2011 and so far I've visited more than 50 countries, often for larger scale training and coaching projects. Therefore, if required, I'm open to face-to-face coaching engagements. Contact me for more details and my current schedule.

How long does the coaching take?

The minimum recommended time investment is 12 sessions of 2 hours each. However, most high-achieving clients work with me on a long-term, ongoing basis.

Why does the session take 2 hours?

The purpose of my sessions is to help you go deeper into your self-awareness and self-knowledge than you would be able to do on your own. If you're simply looking for someone to chat with, I might not be the right person for you to hire.

Our sessions will be hard work, sometimes even uncomfortable. Such a coaching relationship will require your full commitment to tap into the full potential of your mind and to make lasting changes in both your personal and professional life.

What is the difference between a therapy, training, and coaching session?

A therapist looks for the roots of your mental and emotional disorders in order to help you heal.

A trainer helps you develop new skills and knowledge in relevant areas.

A coach creates a safe conversational space where you can express your feelings, share your challenges, and work out a plan for your future. They don't judge and they don't make decisions for you. They provide support, accountability, and encouragement to help you achieve both your short-term goals and long-term visions.

What can I expect after I hire you?

After we agree to start a coaching relationship, you will get a) coaching agreement (written in a simple human language) to be signed by me and you so we both know what our rights and obligations are, b) your first invoice.

Once you sign the agreement and settle the invoice, we will schedule our first session(s).

What do the sessions look like?

During our initial meetings, we will discuss your goals and areas of your life you wish to improve. Based on that, we will define strategies and action plans for you to start developing new habits, adopting new behaviors, and making the first tangible changes.

Each session should then begin with the review of your progress and finish with a specific plan for the following week.

I would like to note here that no one's life story is linear, and neither is the coaching process of a specific individual. You may come to me with one goal and we will end up revealing a totally new one, which you will choose to pursue instead. My objective is not to bring you solely from point A to point B in your life but to transform the way how you yourself work with your own mind, your strengths, weaknesses, skills, needs, and even your body.

How do you prepare for the sessions?

After each session, I write down my notes and observations, which are more detailed than those I send to you. Then before the next session, I review the major points of not only the last session but also all the other sessions that are relevant to the topics we're currently working on. At the same time, I constantly develop my own education through specialized training (e.g. psychosomatics, psychology, neuroscience, physiology, traditional medicine...), as well as relevant professional literature.  

What about the confidentiality of our sessions?

Our sessions (including any mutual messages/emails) will be strictly confidential and I will not share any personal ideas, information, thoughts or experiences expressed by you with anyone else without your permission. The confidentiality aspect of our coaching relationship will be addressed in the agreement we sign before we start working together.

Can I meet you face-to-face?

Yes, if I travel to or stay in the place of your residence. There's an extra fee for face-to-face sesions, though.

Is there a refund if I don't like the sessions?

If there's anything you wish to change in the coaching process, please don't hesitate to tell me without any delay. Our relationship needs to be based on honesty and trust, and I will do my very best to modify the sessions to suit your needs.

It's not possible, however, to offer refunds for any cancellations or no-shows, unless there's a serious valid reason (e.g. medical condition).

Can I reschedule a session if something comes up?

Cancelling and/or rescheduling a coaching session can be done with appropriate notice. Please allow at least 24-hour notice for appointment changes.

Why did you become a coach?

When I founded my first company, I started training entrepreneurs from all around the world on how to take their future into their own hands. I've done tiny workshops, I've spoken at events with thousands of participants, I've co-organized educational projects with major international organizations... but what I've always loved most is one-on-one conversations where I can help a human being sitting across from me become a better person, a person who is in full control of their life, their success, their happiness.  

This is my purpose and I've committed myself to always doing my absolute best to honor it.

What do you do if you're not coaching?

A tough question. I do a lot of things. But if you're asking about my "free" time, I truly love cinema (even the smell), I'm a fanatic reader, and I constantly try all kinds of sports.

How can I contact you?

Email me at or use the contact form here