coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

I coach ambitious professionals who wish to use their leadership potential to pursue a career in management, entrepreneurship, social change or innovation.

coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs


My clients are:








who desire to accelerate their personal growth, advance their careers, and leave a good mark on the world.

coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

Over weekly 2-hour sessions we will work together to:

Energize your whole body and mind

Improve your image and communication

Push through mental obstacles

Identify new strengths and tools

Regain control over your emotions

Achieve success and make an impact



"A professional who creates a safe conversational space where you can express your feelings, share your challenges, and work out a plan for your future. They don't judge and they don't make decisions for you. They provide support, accountability, and encouragement to help you achieve both your short-term goals and long-term visions."


We will train your mind so you can achieve mental resilience and physical well-being.


Rather than dwelling on your past problems, we will focus on your future practical solutions.


We will tap into your resources to improve not only your skills but also your physical shape and relationships.



"A leader, entrepreneur, or change maker operating in a dynamic environment and seeking an unbiased individual who would help them navigate through their personal and professional choices.They strive to become strong, competent, and well adapted to create value for others. They wish to be in control of both their life and their career."

Leadership Skills

The objective of individual sessions is to:

Define your unique vision of success

Reveal and unlock your own resources

Actively create and preserve energy

Develop and stick to good habits

Boost your self-image and confidence

Increase your work performance

Improve your communication and leadership skills

Identify specific goals and strategies

Track your progress and refine the next steps

My clients come from places all over the globe, such as the USA, the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Lebanon, Morocco, Iran, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Algeria, the Caribbean, or India.

coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

a few notes

I mainly coach my clients through video calls (e.g. Skype) so you don't need to leave the comfort of your office/home or interrupt your business trips.

The recommended time investment for transformational coaching is 12 weekly 2-hour sessions.

* If you are interested in coaching for the members of your organization, make sure you share the planned date and venue in the contact form.

DECEMBER 2017: Dileep Punalur (right), ceo of vacker global, and robin sharma (left), author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

DECEMBER 2017: Dileep Punalur (right), ceo of vacker global, and robin sharma (left), author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari



Dileep Punalur


Founder & CEO


Vacker Global

Engineering solutions including robotics, automation, Internet of Things | UAE, USA, Kuwait, Oman, India

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, what would it be called?

Runaway Kid Building a Global Company

How would you describe your life journey in a Tweet's length

I had to run away to escape a difficult childhood. Later, I developed the focus, determination and discipline to succeed. Now, I am successfully building a global corporation.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Leaving a highly paid corporate job and developing my own company.

When did you decide to hire a coach and why?

During the growth phase of my company. Developing personal strengths is essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and a coach can guide this process.

When did you work with Kristyna as your coach?

June 2017-November 2017.

How would you rate the overall experience?



My top values have been identified. For everything I do, I can see a connection with these values. This has also helped me in refining my goals. I am able to analyze and eliminate my negative emotions, including the fear of failure, by linking them to my personal values. I am able to appreciate my strengths and achievements. I am able to understand and appreciate my colleagues by differentiating each one's strengths & values. 


I couldn't define my top strengths to focus on. I was not appreciating myself and my strengths. I had a vague idea of my weaknesses, but the root causes were not known and hence I couldn't work on them with clarity. I was getting irritated at various things. I had frequent negative emotions, draining out my energy. I had difficulty in understanding and appreciating my colleagues. I had fear of failure and anxiety without any reason frequently.


This has increased my leadership skills tremendously. This also has helped me improve my relationship with my family members. I am now able to control my irritations at the office and outside, without creating any inner conflict. I am now able to introspect my thoughts and actions.

How would you describe the coaching style of Kristyna?

She helps me find out my own answers by asking questions. The coaching process was not invasive, but rather an introspection under her guidance.

What would you say to those who are hesitating to hire a coach?

We have lot of beliefs & thoughts rooted deep within us, which we are not aware of. As we are not aware of them, the correction is impossible. These will block the progress towards success. In order to identify these, we require an external expert.


"Being on board of several companies in diverse fields often leaves me frustrated and "stuck" in my own head. Within the first few weeks working with Kristyna, my overall attitude towards my choices drastically improved. The weekly sessions with her were exactly what I needed to start moving forward. I've discovered completely new possibilities of growth, both for my business and also my relationships. I can't thank her enough." | Jackson, USA

"Incredible approach, kindness, and expertise in one person. I couldn't have done it all without you!" | Christopher, UAE

"I was gathering courage to leave my last job and go full time into one of my passion projects for a while. A few months ago, a business partner of mine recommended meeting with Kristyna for a coaching session. We've been working together since and it has been one of the smartest decisions and investments I've ever made. She helped me a lot to take the plunge and stay sane in the process. At the moment, I'm running an e-commerce platform, which is doing very well, and I'm much more clear on the things I need and want." | Tatyana, UK

"This coaching is really good because it hits on every aspect of your life. It hits on your personal life, your business and family, or actually any interaction you have with anyone. It brings you from sort of out-there place to a very personal one, including your sleeping and eating habits. It's very holistic. Really good!" | Mandisa, Barbados

coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

"Wow! Kristyna gave me so much insight and value. I'm amazed of the quality of service and devotion!" | David, United States

"Thank you for changing the way I see the world, I am certain you will change other peoples lives in a good way along the way." | Gideon, South Africa

"For me, it has been an amazing experience. I just want say thank you! Thank you!" | Elijah, Antigua

"Kristyna is a remarkably patient and insightful coach. I feel safe talking to her. She never tells me what to do, she simply asks the right questions and guides me gently towards making my own decisions. She also made me realize that I have been trapped in a bubble of constant stress. Unlike other executive coaches I have worked with before, Kristyna puts emphasis on taking care of the body together with taking care of the mind. She helped me to develop my own system of recharging myself whenever I feel lost and demotivated." | Anne-Sophie, Germany


Myself, I have visited, worked, and lived in more than 50 countries. The journey and my own personal transformation began when I had graduated in Economics and Political Science in my twenties, and launched my career behind a desk at an international organization. Seeking financial independence and greater impact of my work, I decided to quit the well-cushioned job not long after, only to move to the Middle East, where I had never set foot before.

coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

Without a safety net in place, I then began developing my own online business, and later traveling the world and supporting other entrepreneurs with mentorship, training, and guidance. 

Fast forward to several years later, I use my experience and education in technology, integrated psychotherapy, neuropsychology, psychosomatic healing methods, and solution-focused coaching to help my clients actively shape their way to well-being and success.