"Entrepreneurs are people who constantly improve their skills, bodies, minds, and relationships. They want to become strong, competent, and well adapted to create value for others. They are in control."



The most important part of your business is you. The key ingredient to your success is you. Also, sometimes the problem with your business is again you.

Therefore, healthy body and balanced mind are your first and foremost instruments to build and run a sustainable enterprise. Far more important than smart ideas, money, or the right connections.

Having control over your life starts and ends with self-improvement. 

When you improve not only your skills, but also your body, your mind, your relationships, and your productivity, you provide yourself with long-lasting value. 

When you manage to control harmful thoughts and emotions, your body becomes naturally healthier and stronger, often much more so than by using some miracle pills or various medical treatments. 

When you start ignoring limitations you’ve imposed on yourself, your deep inner power will awaken to make you live up to your potential and inevitably succeed. 

Coaching helps you create a better future. And while traditional coaching simply assists you in getting from a point A to a point B in your life, transformational coaching taps into all your human resources to draw the absolute best out of you.

Together we will find all the energy and tools you need to fit into your leadership role.


I coach entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs working in dynamic environments to immediately get back control of their lives, maximize their full potential, and achieve both their short-term goals and long-term visions.


I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the globe – United States, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Morocco, Iran, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Algeria, the Caribbean – together with several major organizations such as The World Bank, Global Entrepreneurship Network, or Microsoft Biz4Afrika. 


"This coaching is really good because it hits on every aspect of your life. It hits on your personal life, your business and family, or actually any interaction you have with anyone. It brings you from sort of out-there place to a very personal one, including your sleeping and eating habits. It's very holistic. Really good!" | Mandisa, Barbados


"For me, it has been an amazing experience. I just want say thank you! Thank you!" | Elijah, Antigua

"Wow! Kristyna gave me so much insight and value. I'm amazed of the quality of service and devotion!" | David, United States

"Thank you for changing the way I see the world, I am certain you will change other peoples lives in a good way along the way." | Gideon, South Africa

a few notes

I mainly coach my private individual clients through video calls. Intensive or face-to-face sessions per mutual agreement. 

The minimum time investment for transformational coaching is 12 weekly 2-hour sessions for the total price of $3,100.

If you are interested in coaching for your organization, make sure you include the planned date and venue.


Define their unique vision of success

Actively create and preserve energy

Have full control over their time

Develop and stick to good habits

Boost their self-image and confidence

Increase their work performance

Improve their communication skills

Foster meaningful relationships

Identify specific goals and strategies

Deliver value and make impact


Do you need a coach to help you make an important decision, solve a problem, or get ready for a meeting or an event?

Book a 2-hour coaching session with me directly. The price is $300 and you should make the payment here before you choose your slot below.*


*In case I am not available at the time of your choice, I will propose an alternative slot, or you will be refunded right away. Also, I offer a 100% refund guarantee, if you are not happy with the session itself. Simply send me a message within the first 24 hours following the session to get your money back. No questions asked.