An entrepreneur and advocate of entrepreneurship with positive social impact. A writer. A coach who helps inspiring individuals develop their full potential and realize their most daring visions.


In 2013, I founded MAQTOOB, an app discovery platform for entrepreneurs. So far, I have handpicked and curated 2,700+ software tools to help small businesses grow with the help of technology.

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Since 2014, my team and I have been running the SCHOOL OF DIGITAL SKILLS whose aim is to show future leaders in developing and emerging countries that sustainable innovation is possible even with limited resources.


Some of my writing pieces went viral with 4+ million views altogether and were published in TIME, Observer, Business Insider, The Next Web and many others. In spring 2016, I started an online publication for entrepreneurs.



Neuroscience of Mindfulness: What Exactly Happens to Your Brain When You Meditate

Is it preposterous to consider that something as trivial as focusing our mind and breathing steadily for a short time every day could have a profound effect on our well-being? Is it in our power at all to make changes to our own brain?